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Hiren Shah

Hiren Shah   Linked In

Founder & President, Trunkoz - CEO, Infraster Hiren is the Founder & President of Trunkoz. He and His Brother Ashish came with a vision to be a Global Technology Leader and thus formed Trunkoz. Hiren has an experience of 16 years and is a person with down to earth nature who understands customer demands, their problems and helps them in every possible way.

Hiren is sensitive to varied customer needs, their pain points and has an in depth feel towards enhancing customer experience. Along with his deep understanding of the market and technology, Hiren’s interest would be to place Infraster as a leading IT managed service provider in the world.

Prior to the development of Trunkoz Hiren was involved in several startup companies and has successfully grown the business. Hiren studied Commerce from Mumbai University and is one of the chief architects behind the success of Trunkoz.

Ashis Shah

Ashish Shah   Linked In

Founder & CEO, Trunkoz - CEO, TechBravo, ConnectReseller & QualiSpace Over 12 years of extensive experience in the Domain and Hosting industry, Ashish is the main architect of the company’s strategic vision and growth in providing state-of-the-art services. As a CEO, Ashish focused his time and energy on setting the direction for Trunkoz as it carved out a leadership position in the Internet Industry. He is largely credited for keeping the company steady and setting it on its current path to profitability and success.

Ashish takes due care for the Intensive Service Level, he is responsible for focusing on the continued delivery of world-class services, as well as evolving Trunkoz consultative approach to working with its customers. Healthy companies acknowledge the need for change even during the best of times.

Ashish is also a member of Global ICANN Accredited Registrars Constituency. Ashish has been part of many start-up business activities and has helped them grow from scratch to a substantial leadership position in a short period of time. With his very innovative & creative approach, Ashish is the CEO of brands TechBravo (Service Provider Centric Web Service Division), ConnectReseller (Reseller Centric Web Service Division) & QualiSpace (Customer Centric Web Service Division).

Under Ashish’s direction, Trunkoz has grown from a groundbreaking idea into a technology leader & publicly proactive company that has a significant share in the industry. In 1998, at the age of 16, he entered into Trunkoz with his Brother Hiren, with a focus to provide quality Web Services for a global audience. He has been actively involved in studying new technology and implementing it in the best way to build a strong foundation for quality web related services
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